Software Engineering

  • Customized SW development
  • Corrective and / or evolutionary maintenance
  • SW architecture design and solutions
  • Modeling, BD migrations
  • Survey and analysis of functional requirements
  • Analysis and process design
  • Process automation

Software Factory

  • BigData platform implementation
  • Loading processes and Information extraction
  • Predictive model development
  • Integration with various platforms and sources of information
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT

Big Data Analytics

& Machine Learning

  • Application support
  • Functional support for new developments
  • Incident attention
  • Problem resolution

Functional support

  • Integration of own and third party products
  • SW integration projects with infrastructure and platform services
  • Transactional solutions
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Mobility solutions
  • IT & OT Cybersecurity
  • RPA

Products and solutions

Circular Economy

  • Manufacturing traceability
  • Manufacturing control
  • Artificial intelligence of operation and manufacturing

We are a completely customer-oriented company that provides Software Solutions Development and Maintenance services. Specialists in Implementation and Integration of Complex Solutions. Dedicated to Research and Development in the world of Information Technology and Manufacturing Industry.

Our competitive advantages:

  • We are a completely consultative company, we support our clients from the conception of the project.
  • Highly specialized professionals in the technology industry
  • We develop and implement solutions that fully adapt to your needs.
  • We apply methodologies that ensure the quality of our solutions.
  • We have professional certifications that support our experience.


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